1 | Discovery Meeting

Starting with a complimentary introductory meeting, we work with you to identify and assess your financial goals. We’ll discuss your potential income needs, risk tolerance, and attitudes towards investing.

2 | Information Gathering & Analysis

Either in person or using our secure client portal, you’ll provide statements, W-2s, tax returns, estate documents, and any other important documents so that we can review and develop a customized financial plan.

3 | Recommendations & Implementation

We present and discuss our recommendations for your financial plan. This is a collaborative effort where we can visualize different options and determine the best course of action. Once agreed upon, our team will focus on coordinating all aspects of its implementation.

4 | Monitor & Review

With trust, skill, and integrity, we handle any personal or economic changes in your life with your best interests in mind. We meet with our clients periodically to review any significant developments to your personal or financial situation and help reposition your portfolio as needed.