Nancy came to me after the passing of her husband. She was feeling very frustrated with the complexities of settling her late husband’s estate, as well as amending her own estate planning documents. I was able to facilitate the work between her attorney and the family members involved in an efficient way that left everyone, especially Nancy, feeling relieved. I continue to work with her on the management of her assets and overall financial planning. Because she knows I have the full picture of her estate and goals, she knows that she can trust me to continue to work with her top priorities and best interests in mind.


Mary approached me looking for some options in selling her rental property. She no longer wanted the hassle of being a landlord but was concerned about the capital gains she would face when she sold the property. I presented some alternatives to her and together we decided that converting the asset into a charitable remainder trust would address and resolve the challenges she faced. By utilizing a CRT she was able to convert the asset into a lifetime income, use the charitable income tax deduction to reduce her income taxes, and benefit a charity that was important to her.


Mark brought me on to help him with his business succession planning. He was having a hard time coordinating the work between his family, staff, and other professionals such as the accountant and attorneys involved. I was able to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to getting the work done. Together with Mark we established priorities and deadlines, which enabled me to coordinate the sequence of work between the rest of the professionals in a team fashion. We were able to accomplish all of Mark’s goals in less time and at less cost than he originally predicted.